Hi, I'm Julie !

The company

Mlle Julie that's me Papeteriethat's my company - is about creating pretty things regarding the stationery world.

Because I don't know if where you live, it's easy to find lovely and girly pencils, erasers, paperclips & more

but here, in the south of France, they're not that cute.

" Say hello to boring blue, red and green notebooks ! "

Since not all of us have a Target stationery aisle nearby, I created my own stationery products.

The story

I first invested in a machine allowing me to make my own stickers, because - let's be honest - cute stickers can make everything pretty, even your boring green notebook.

Then, I kept creating new products. That's when I thought " People like me, who can't find stylish, inexpensive (looking at you, Kate Spade) stationery products, could like what I do."

And so, Mlle Julie Papeterie was born,

"Papeterie" meaning "Stationery" in French.


I'm Julie, 24, living in the south of France. I enjoy TV shows, Indie Pop music and everything makeup-related.

I spend my days with my dogs making stickers ← Dream job, right there ! 

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Mlle Julie Papeterie

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